It is our pleasure to welcome your interest in the mighty Bucks County Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated.  We are one of 230 Jack and Jill chapters that sit across the United States.
For over twenty years, our chapter has served as the premiere organization for nurturing and strengthening African-American children in Bucks County.  Our mission is simple; develop phenomenal leaders through providing age-appropriate programs, community service, legislative advocacy and philanthropic giving.  We believe that the leaders we develop today will be the voice for our communities, our children and our nation in the very near future!
  Bucks County Chapter Vision Statement Developed at Leaders Forum on September 11, 2010 and Adopted by Chapter on September 18, 2010
          Kindergartener -Second Graders
·         Trike-a-Thon
·        Tour of Harlem
·         Etiquette Workshops
·         Alvin Ailey Trip
·        Blacks in Wax Museum Tour
.             Goldman Sachs Presents Wall Street 101
  Childrens Progamming
Teen Progamming
·        KidPreneurship - Entrepreneurial Skill Development

As a premier chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.  Bucks County serves as a supportive village that inspires,  strengthens and connects the families and the communities that we touch, while providing a safe and enjoyable place  where children develop into global leaders and embrace their rich heritage.

At the core of our organization is the programming that we provide for our children ages 2-19.  We host monthly events that are educational, have impaction, informative and fun.  We also provide community service, social events and activities for our mothers, fathers and the family as a whole.  We are very proud that our programming has received both regional and national awards.  Take a look at some of the groundbreaking programs we have offered:
Welcome to the Bucks County Chapter
Awards Winning Progamming
Bucks County Chapter 1988
Bucks County Jack and Jill of America, Inc. P.O. Box 645 Newton, PA 18940
.      Night at the Museum
  Teen Progamming
Bucks County Chapter 1988              Bucks County Chapter 2016/2017
Bucks County Chapter Scholarship Fund:
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